success stories

participant testimonials

Leticia & Little Richie

“It was so wonderful to meet you in person at the Pet Wellness Event yesterday. Also, to be able to personally thank you for being the only non-profit organization (out of over 20 that I reached out to for help) that saw the urgency for little Ritchie  medical care and provided the financial assistance to get him treated at the Los Angeles Veterinary Center by Dr. Gabriella Robbins. Ritchie is now much better.

Your compassionate consideration and immediate help melted my heart with tears and hope for little Ritchie,  I hope that someday I will be able to repay your kindness by volunteering /helping your organization in the future.

Thank you again in the name of little Ritchie and myself.”

Cory & Truman Capote

“Bless y’all so much for your help! I can’t believe what a godsend these programs are! I adopted Truman (and his brother) after my husband died, for my three year old daughter and me to love.  His brother has passed, but Truman had been our beautiful cuddly boy for 17 years, and I can’t imagine life without him. As I write this I know he is good hands with Dr. Joey, and I have told everyone who will listen, what an amazing experience this has been; from finding out about the programs, from Jessica at North Figueroa Animal Hospital’s compassion for my situation, to how quickly Kerry responded. Everyone was amazingly kind and genuinely concerned. I was talking to actual humans who really really understood my plight, and how traumatic it is when your baby is sick, but you are helpless/struggling financially.”

Ana & Pigui

A few months ago I contacted you to obtain a coupon to neuter and vaccinate our kitten Pigui. Thank God to you and your organization who helped me. Thanks to you everything went well and Pigui is doing great. We are grateful and thank you for your help, support, the patience you had with me, and for always understanding. Thanks for everything. God bless you.”

Alma & Spot

For several months we had been helping Alma find the best care for her cat Spot, who she rescued from the street in desperate need of help.  Spot had an abscess on her cheek, injured jaw and back legs.  We covered the cost of the initial vet assessment and care, put Alma in touch with Little Angels assisting her complete their financial assistance application for more vetting at North Figueroa and continued to follow up helping to translate as Spot needed significant medical attention.  Alma shared “I am so overjoyed to inform you that Spot has improved so much.  She is done with her treatment and is like a completely different cat than the cat I rescued from the street who was so sick. God bless you because without your help I would not have known how to find Spot the help she needed and she would not have survived.  I am so grateful for the work of your organization.”

Adam & Khali

Adam and his cat Khali are LA Family Housing participants being moved from one location to another where a pet needed to be current on vaccinations and Emotional Support Animal (ESA) certified in order to remain housed together.  Adam had 48 hours to make this happen which seemed impossible without a car and living in Santa Clarita.  He and his case worker were desperate and reached out and thankfully one of our Pet Wellness clinic vets also has a practice in Santa Clarita 2 miles from Adam’s and Khali’s so they squeezed her in for shots and the ESA provider scheduled an immediate call with the doctor. Adam said, “Thank you for your spectacular guidance and helping out Khali.  Between your help and my daughter’s help you have saved really a life I can say probably twice.  There are no words sometimes to express how much our appreciation is.”  

Mia, Lucy and Harley

“I just really wanted to thank you and everyone who helped make this happen .. keeping the fur babies together and alive they already are all taking care of eachother back at home .. Harley is doing great as soon as Lucy got home she was worried .. and Luke is guarding Harley they are little family .. I can’t express how much I appreciate all of this’re all so amazing ..”

Douglas and Tommy Jr.

Thanks to so many donors and organizations coming together, senior Cocker Spaniel Tommy Jr. was able to receive treatment week after week for an infection he had been battling for months. Thanks to you, he is now on the road to recovery and Douglas can breathe easy, knowing his beloved companion is on the mend.  

Yolanda & Hansen

“Thanks to this organization, we could afford medication to provide our little Hansen with pain relief and understand how to adjust his lifestyle to prevent further health complications. We appreciate this organization and everything they’re doing to help keep families together! Thank you so much for serving our community and blessing my family during these hard times.”