what we do

our vision

We envision a world where all people and their pets remain together safely. And that people experiencing financial hardship and their pets have access to affordable resources to get the help they need.

our programs / services

We help those most in need, those most at-risk of having to give up their beloved pet. Our purpose is to help those people and the pets they love stay together. And to help those pets stay safe, healthy, and happy.
We do this through three core services:

The Unsheltered People with Pets (UPP) program addresses the need for support of unhoused/transitionally housed pet parents.

Shelter space for those experiencing homelessness is already limited, and few housing shelters or transitional housing programs allow people to bring their pets or provide alternative options to provide care or boarding for them. In addition, those currently living in poverty (disabled, recent job loss, reduction in hours, loss of housing, etc.) betterTogether Forever has developed the Unsheltered People with Pets (UPP) program to address the need for support within these vulnerable communities and to keep pets with their families when they need each other most. Referrals need to come through human service agencies and are on a case‑by‑case basis.

We cover the following:

spay/neuter | wellness | vaccinations | assistance with vet care | pet food | pet supplies |Emotional Support Animal assessment (ESA) landlord issue assistance | licensing | owner redemption fees to release a pet from shelter | humane euthanasia

We are committed to assisting the growing population of people experiencing homelessness and at-risk people in the Los Angeles area and their beloved pets stay together safely. Pets of those unhoused are their family, companions, and comfort during challenging chapters of their lives. The 2022 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count reports that 69,144 people are experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles, and on any given night in the city of Los Angeles, 41,980 people go unsheltered. This is up 4.1% from 2020. According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, about 10% of unhoused people have pets.

By providing access to resources and support, this program gives people with limited income, senior citizens and pet parents experiencing homelessness options other than surrendering their pets and keeps those pets at home where they belong.

Our shelter prevention program services people and pets in Los Angeles in the following zip codes : 90004, 90011, 90012, 90013, 90015, 90017, 90020, 90021, 90022, 90023, 90026, 90027, 90028, 90029, 90031, 90032, 90033, 90038, 90039, 90042, 90057, 90058, 90063, 90065, 90068 & 90071. We partner with local veterinarians, animal welfare organizations, human service agencies, etc., building a local network of resources/referrals as a safety net to help keep pets at home, where they are loved and out of the animal shelter.

Some of the services we provide:

spay/neuter |wellness | vaccinations | access to vet care | pet food | pet supplies |Emotional Support Animal assessment (ESA) landlord issue assistance | fence repair | dog houses | licensing | owner redemption fees to release a pet from shelter| humane euthanasia 

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We host pet wellness clinics and work closely with local organization’s pet event days providing support, information and options to those with limited income.

We often partner with other organizations to provide information, resources, and referrals connecting people with pets to free and/or low-cost options. We also offer onsite pop-up Pet Wellness Clinics at various partnering locations to address the needs within vulnerable communities and to keep pets healthy with their families when they need each other most.

At these events, the following can be provided:

  • Pet food – treats, moist and dry primarily for cats and dogs and other pets when needed
  • Pet supplies – collars, leashes, harnesses
  • Vet care – vaccinations, flea meds, deworming, antibiotics, nail trims, ear cleaning, etc.

Additional services we assist with are:

  • Spay/Neuter Vouchers – for optimum health, prevention of diseases, communal living, overpopulation and to combat unwanted behaviors
  • ESA assessments/Certifications